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I Am What I Am

by Cathy O.

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Cathy O. performing as a singer in her latest CD: Dare to be. Link to her songs
Home Deco by Cathy O. Link to Home Deco design page
I Am what I Am
Gifted by the grace of God
Enjoying my art
Working from my heart
Singing when I happily create
In any color or shape
Poet, composer, singer, designer, décoratrice,
Sharing with you my vie d'artiste.
Cathy O's mission and her Vision as an artist. Link to her Mission page
Cathy O. in her fashion atelier. Link to the fashion page
  Imagine, just imagine how planning your next party & special event will be,
now that you're about to discover my website.
Looking for a fabulous garment to fit you like a glove?
I'll pull my fashion skills and design one just for you!
Want to impress your guests with a brand new living room, just for the occasion? I'll bring my home deco tools, and one, two, three, voila!
Now, if I'm not available to entertain you as a music artist, feel free to order my CD debut album Dare to be, and surprise your guests with a variety of uplifting songs. In the meantime, enjoy discovering my multiple facets. If my mission fits your imagination or inspires you, feel free to contact me: cathyocreation@gmail.com. Cathy O - Catherine Oyoué
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